Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge Converse

I’m not always too hot on band merch, but these converse depicting the cover of My Chemical Romance’s second studio album(Three cheers for sweet revenge) are so damn cool. Not to mention I’m not a personal fan of converse either because I like the classic adidas shoes,but these are just so awesome. I always liked the cover art of the album. The imagery and emotion is really strong, with the blood spatter on the man and women’s face. Also the expression they both have for me shows grief. Maybe they can’t be together and to be together they had to “take revenge”. That’s what I gather from the cover, it could mean something else entirely. Regardless it’s a great drawing. I love how Gerard drew the mouths, they are so perfectly held and placed. So why wouldn’t you want to wear a pair of these? No answer is good enough. These are awesome
Destination Limbo signing off,