Home Office with Backyard View

Three things stand out to me in this office that I very much like; the window view, the lighting, and the desk with the Mac computer. The large glass window has a fantastic view because the backyard has very natural growth and I think that’s important because a room you work in should inspire you, and I believe nature should give you the natural inspiration of perfection through what would seem as imperfections instead of having a perfectly designed garden. The lights in the office I think are really nice because they are not invasive at all and take very minimal space, and assuming they are led very powerful also. I love the simple styling of the desk combined with the Mac, which is a super sleek design. However I don’t like that its not facing the window. The way it is now you don’t get to see nature and the glare, I would imagine, would be horrible. Overall a very inspiring interior office design.
Destination Limbo Signing Off,