Vintage Sunglass Reflection

I absolutely love everything about this picture. I would actually love a poster of it. The first thing that sticks out to me is obviously the black and white, it really sets the tone and feel of the picture and is a natural black and white as well. It doesn’t seem like an effect added in Photoshop. If we step down a layer from the initial impression we can see that it also has fold marks which give it this old vintage look. Sometimes when things are roughed up a little it actually adds character and doesn’t destroy the original work but adds to it instead. The next layer of the picture is the close up. The close up of the face allows us as viewers to create what normally is a small focus point into the entire picture being the focus point. What I mean by that is we focus usually on a face from far away, now with the close up we can focus on the teeth which are neatly placed and un-straight, the matte lips which reflect the lighting, and who can miss the reflection on the perfect circular glasses. I think this is a fantastic picture and maybe I’m obsessing over it too much but its very well set.
Destination Limbo Signing Off,