Scared to Death, Ready to Kill

A quick comment before going into the blog that anime in general has a way of showing emotion that no other form of TV or Film can show, and that I condemn all forms of violence.
Looking at the top picture, you can see one hand being caught by another. And the hand being caught is holding a knife that you can see shaking. If you look carefully the hand being held is smaller than the holding hand. I think this shows that maybe the smaller hand is extremely scared and is unsure of what to do.  It’s really amazing that a picture can give off all these details. I could literally go on forever about just the hands.
First thought when looking at her eyes is a sense of total fear yet commitment to an act she is very unsure of. And that act is either about to kill someone or herself. I think she is about to kill someone though because she is more in shock and the formation of the tears around her eyes. She is also sweating throughout her face, and that really shows she is so in the moment.
In the end anime is an extremely expressive art form.(that’s it for the conclusion)
Destination Limbo Signing Off,