Two Tone, Cycle of The Moon

Its really neat that if done right you can have an amazing drawing with just two colors. I think the trick is to have a lot of different thicknesses when it comes to the details. What I mean by that is different widths to the strokes. For example looking at the mountains, every single line has a different width and what that does is make the drawing seem vibrant and alive. I think what is also critical is the main filler color. It needs to be a bright and attacking color that isn’t dull and really stands out. Looking at the actual drawing I love that down her back are the different phases of the moon. The picture is very well balanced and to me looks like an album cover. Which I think album covers should have more than just the artist on them, I personally believe they should have art on them. But everyone takes their music experience differently.
Destination Limbo Signing Off,