Nicole Scherzinger Independence Day Dress

There’s something about a dress that just attracts the word stunning, and the dress displayed on independence day(I would say her name but sorry its so hard to spell, well I could copy and paste but we are rolling with this aren’t we?) I just love that the folds on the dress are mostly present on the top part of the dress and flows downwards. Also do you ever just see a dress and be like wow that is made of some amazing material, and that’s what I get here when I see the red and its vibrancy. Also about the flow of the dress, I love how it narrows towards the knees then bows outwards, its such great sewing and work. And lastly the gold, and other jewels in the middle really make this perfect for the occasion and a dress to remember. However I will say though that the dress feels like a one time wear.
Destination Limbo Signing Off,