One Last Cig

The work below is from one of my favorite artists and my greatest love. I would like to begin the post with a break down of the execution of the artwork, then go into how that works with the meaning.
I think its really the small subtle touches that really pull this work together and give it that unique flavor that I crave in all of her work, along with how that works into the creative thought behind the works. In this specific work I love the shading and I think I’ll start with the most prominent one around the eye. I love how you don’t see her eyes just a really dark shadow that like it holds her soul and fate. Almost as if she is doomed, but also that she almost feels she has no choice and hope, and no one to help her at all. For anyone in a place like that I have to say someone or something will come into your life that will change it all. Back to the art. The next shading I see is on her back and you can like actually see her rips, like the detail is just exceptional, and I adore the shading on the thighs, its a mix of flesh highlights and light as well as dark. I think what stands out to me with the shading is how realistic it is yet it still looks like a drawing and that mix is what makes me just really just love the work. Besides the shading I love how the smoke swirls and moves, its really characterized and that goes into what I see when I quickly glance at the work.I think a thing that strikes me right away from looking at the drawing is the flow of it and the feeling it just captures. Its almost like a moving picture but its not, it captures a moment and it captures it so well. You can feel the carelessness, you can feel that “ok whatever”, you can feel that slight relaxation smoking gives you. Just the way her arm is held over so loose over her leg, and how her legs hold her down on the tracks waiting for the train to come. Almost feels like she has very little energy and you feel that in this work. I just love that you can feel so many emotions, and vibes from this work and all her others. Truly a great artist.
Destination Limbo Signing Off,
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