Blinded Angel

The blinded angel is very fascinating as it can be interpreted in so many diffrent ways, and I have so many instantly in my mind when I see it that this blog maybe extremely long. But one that comes first to my mind is one that a rightous angel if blinded by something can do wrong as well. That no matter how good someone is they can make mistakes. Another quick interpretation is that the angel can not do anything if they are blinded to see all points of view that you can be right in your own way, but refuse to see the right of others. You can not be blinded by prejudice beliefs and have a closed mind you have to be open to ideas before you can ever help others.

I love this picture because it can influence many different art ideas I have from poetry to painting to music. Symbolism is an extremely powerful tool, but you have to take time to appreciate the thought behind it and develop it in your own mind and even in your own way.

Destination Limbo Signing Off,