Art that caught my Eye

Art is such a broad and generic term I almost don’t like using it because everything can be art and sometimes art is used to describe things that are meant to be art. What I write in my blogs and a lot of what I do is really a self criticism when I use terms such as we and you I am giving my self a message for example here I am saying that I sometimes stereotype certain things as art and others not but I know that everything can be art and I remind my self of that with photography because it captures a unique moment in time where so many things had to fall in place for that perfect or imperfect perfect moment to be caputered.

In regards to this painting I wish I knew the artist who made it because I love the feeling and atmosphere it captures. It looks like people have a chance to escape from some type of oppression and everyone is trying to get on the escape vessel. I see that people are trying to hand over their offspring to others already on the escape vessel. How bad the situation must be that you give your kids away to strangers and the unknown. You see this a lot in real life in times of war. I believe there are a lot of pictures from the Vietnam war were parents are trying to get their kids out of the war zone and handing them to U.S soliders. War is just terrible and I made an art collection titled “Make Music not War” where I try to spread a message of peace. Back to the painting I love the feeling of panic and fear it can capture by just the shape and turns of the bodies, no fascial expressions are needed and you can still feel it, it really is well done. I love the minimal colors it helps draw out contrasts between things such as the parents and the kids and the environment and the people, and I believe this is a way for the artist to tell us to look at this or I have something to say here.

All in all its a great piece.

Destination Limbo Signing out,