Gou Miyagi – Artist – Medium: Skateboarding

While browsing the inter webs I ran across a few skateboarders and I watched one video and I was left inspired and saw someone who took the creative and free nature of skateboarding and didn’t just stop at tricks you “have to know” to be good, he saw skateboarding how I see it, not just a sport, something more than that; an art form.

What I love about skateboarding is that it is another means to take ones surrounding and find a way to shape it around you, around your creativity and your imagination. I like to skateboard, and although I don’t know all the tricks in the world I enjoy looking at the world around me and seeing how I can express myself by finding spots that are just begging to be shaped into an art.

I finish this blog with a dialogue Gou had with Wired

When asked about skateboarding Gou said:
“It’s an art, not a sport: a way of expressing something that I can’t anywhere else,” says the 35-year-old. “I like the creative, rebellious spirit of street skateboarding — it’s not about scoring points or showing off tricks. Other skateboarders of my generation say this, too.” He pauses. “But I seem to be the only one going through with it.”

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