Skateboarding Astronaut

This really is an interesting picture, although it may seem random we can dig out a lot of meaning. Looking at each part individually, two of them symbolize freedom; the American flag and the skateboard. The idea of America as a symbol is supposed to be freedom, although some may argue that its not truly free that is not currently the topic at hand, right now it is a symbol, a symbol supposed to be of freedom and free will. A freedom of thought a freedom of speech a freedom of love and practice and many other  freedoms. The skateboard being ridden underneath it also symbolizes freedom. The freedom to go anywhere the freedom to express ones self in their own style and this directly ties into the space suit and astronaut. The astronaught represents discovery, exploration, the idea of pushing boundaries and going where no one has gone before, doing great things with the given freedom.

If you have freedom use it, go where no one has gone before, push yourself enjoy the freedom others may not have, and if you don’t have freedom seek it as it can lead to many great things however it is a responsibility and test to do the right thing.

This image brought up an interesting topic with the American flag , however this can apply to all symbols. A symbol of something for one person can be a symbol  of something else for someone else. Its good to see all sides and have an open mind and hear others ideas and views out so we can come to a place of understanding and peace or else we can never learn

Destination Limbo,