Black Heel Boots and White Flowers

Something about boots with embroidery just gets me going I absolutely love embroidery especially on boots. Although I have to mention for the longest time I never really liked flowers especially roses, when ever someone would mention a pretty rose or talk about roses¬† being the best flowers it just never clicked with me, and I don’t think its because in my mind everyone around me liked it so I did the opposite(because that could potentially create a bias), I just never really liked them until I was introduced to dying or dead flowers by someone really close to me. I really began to enjoy them maybe because the colors were so different than very live ones, maybe it was the live almost waxy look of them I didn’t like and when they are dead they are dry, and that different more matte texture appeals to me.

Anyways on to the boots I adore the shape of them I love the sharpness of the ark and the balance it creates. On the back part it is close to being bulky but its not it stands big and proud and the front toe part is narrow and elegantly shaped maybe it’s the balance that creates this effect with both bold and elgancy all in one. Really a greatly designed boot/heel (please correct me with what you would define them as) great contrast with both shape and color that bring out lots of feelings and meanings.

Destination Limbo Signing out,