Cry Baby – Briannafofanna

I came across some art work that really stood out to me, or really an artist that stood out to me. She goes by the name Briannafofanna, but I don’t want to focus too much on her other works as each work is really such a standalone piece and as such appreciated one by one and they definitely should be checked out as they have such great depth and really a sick vibe, but on to the piece at hand. When thinking on how to describe what I felt when I look at this great piece I was thinking about words like bold but that didn’t capture what I was feeling about it and I now have come to think that the work is really ‘in your face’ and usally that may carry a harsh meaning but I mean it in a way that the messages and visuals I get from the piece aren’t hard to find they want to be found, and these feelings and messages are usually suppressed or held inside but here they still carry that feeling but they are also saying ‘don’t look away’ ‘don’t ignore me please’.  You can’t ignore this piece , you can’t look away from the eye and not notice the dark tears flowing out. The tears that you then notice cover everyhting. Its this internal struggle and suffering that can take over everything no matter who someone is, how strong and bold they may seem it doesn’t always reflect the inside and I feel that the dark tears reflect that pouring out. However I feel that this piece also gives hope because by crying, and intern reaching out, I feel that not all is lost, they haven’t broken they just need support and healing.

Because I was so surprised about how this work was created I will share that with you as I quote the artist behind this deep and great piece saying “I only used black sharpie and watercolors for this one”

You can check out more of her work here:
Or on twitter @_briannafofanna

Destination Limbo Signing Off,