Do you really want to hurt me: Shades

Although “Do you really want to hurt me” by culture club is a really good song this post is about boy George’s sun glasses or in short shades. I think john lenon had circular glasses as well and to be honest I always fancied some circular shades. I just like how they don’t take up alot of space on someone’s face and that creates a minimal sleek look which I love. Boy George in the video, from what I recall, had a pretty minimalist style as well with his white top. Its quite interesting that in the 80s he had that style when in a lot of music videos it was really flashy. This raises an interesting point that even if you are in an environment you can define yourself. I mean its not possible to turn off all outside influences because when we see something it sticks with us essentially we can’t un-see it. But I like to personally see what is out there and it inspires me in different ways, be it motivation or new ideas that I come up with. What’s cool about his glasses and this shot is that it makes me think that glasses provide a view into what someone sees and experiences without actually having to be them; all possible through the reflection. Although its a far stretch to say experience because what someone feels is the experience from my current understanding, and what someone feels by looking at something can’t be seen in a reflection.

Destination Limbo Signing Off,