Kiki’s Delivery Service (Pre-Rewatch)

I adored Kiki’s Delivery Service as a kid, I remember a few distinct things from the movie, and before I get into that I’ll note that I haven’t watched the movie in about 15 years or so, so I am doing a pre-watch blog post. Anyways I remember about 4 main things the first being the flying bike the kid with the glasses made so that he could fly with kiki, and still till this day I want to build that bike I have really looked into if its possible or not and it actually is I mean its basically a glider so you just have to get enough air flowing over the wing and creating that lifting effect to get lift, but problem is you might need Olympic legs. I also remember the artist in the woods she spent time with, I’m sure it was an artist and she made tea or they ate something, the next big defining¬† thing that pops to mind is the minimalist style of kiki’s clothes I absolutely loved the look and still do and I remember as a kid wanting to wear a red bow because of her. Lastly I remember the cat kind of , I think it was a kind of goofy little thing, But its interesting that a lot of the stuff I’m still into and like today are the same as when I was a kid except now I have more freedom to express myself. However I noticed more recently that if you are dependent on other people to live you can’t really be totally free because they control part of what you can and can’t do. I fought but I know that even if you think you can’t be free to be you, you can try and one day you can be , just don’t give up and be you, don’t let people take that away from you because only you can unlock the potential inside and everyone has talents and if you think you don’t have one it will surface one day just keep going. I personally don’t really think anything I make is good but I feel the urge to make it so I can’t have it surpressed I can’t keep it inside. When I create things I get lost in another world and I can feel relief and I find I can carry that relief with me if I keep focused and clear my thoughts.

Lastly I can’t seem to find the artist that made this drawing please leave a comment below so I can give them credit because its great work

Destination Limbo Signing off,