Vacant Mind: Space Cat

Mezmerized and captured by this work, I am stuck staring into the eyes of the character depectited and the details slowly start to jump out at me, the cigarette, the color of the skin, the pale colors and near death feel. It reminds me of when a limb doesn’t get proper blood flow and it turns blue. I get a really lost feeling from the work but at the same time a sense of known direction but just lost on where to start. Its really a great work and requires more than a blog post to fully appreciate it, because the more I look at it the more I find, it provides me with plenty of imagery and metaphors and I find this in alot of Space Cat’s art work. I belive she has the best stylization in my opinion. This draws me back to when I used to watch a lot of anime and I enjoyed it so much because the characters could really express a lot of their emotions through either movement , be it speed or positions, or through simple exaggerations of gestures. Perhaps this emotion or feelings can be captured easier in anime because of the other mediums layered with it such as vocal tone or music, but I believe her work and her unique stylization really bring out so much in each piece and do it even better than really anyone I have seen to this point. So much so it could be divided into multiple works and still express what sometimes can’t be through other means.

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