A New Style of Cyber Punk?

I can’t remember if I liked tron legacy as a movie but I most definitely enjoyed the setting from the visuals to the costumes and I really believe the costumes and general visual vibe of the movie can form a style and cultural renewal of cyberpunk. I think for my self that the cyberpunk of the 80’s and 90’s has to evolve and needs an evolution to gather a more modern spin. I don’t think that the future will look so extremly gritty as typically portrayed in cyber punk themed worlds I think things will be slightly sleeker but still will have the grit in terms of the speration between the rich and poor and naturally the difference in quality of living, what I mean by that is the rich may have more advanced street cleaning, and may live in ultra clean and maintained areas where as the poor will be stuck in areas less developed and areas affected on a larger scale by climate change and pollution. My thought is that the lower class will still have to scavenge technology but it won’t look as bad as portrayed ordinarally in cyber punk worlds. I think when people need to build things out of necessity they don’t just leave things extremely unfinished they want things to last as well so things will be more organized and less depressed looking than usual. I can see the lower class in the journey for freedom actually develop a more sophisticated existence than the rich and actually suppress them. Anyways though this costume and look inspired this thought because I think things will be sleek but maybe not that clen lined tight rather a slightly toned down version. Unless clothes become more than clothes and become smart devices with sensors in them and all that. I do really love the heels I hope they make some of those soon.

Destination Limbo Signing off,