Castle on the Hill – Susan Kare

Before I get into this blog post I should mention that Susan Kare, a phenomenal graphic designer/artist, really deserves a blog post focused on her work in general and not just my thoughts on this one piece, and I definitely will blog about her work some time. Now for the piece at hand.

I don’t know the actual name of this piece but it may seem familiar if you ever used a windows computer in the 90’s and played solitaire because this is one of the card graphics you could choose from and its the one I always chose. I really love the color selection. At a quick glance I count 6 colors, two shades of blue, black, white, yellow, and red. I love how a very minimal color selection can create a landscape and image that sets a real setting and vibe that you can just let your imagination float in and create characters in a whole world that interact with each other. I feel like I can build an entire story and plot just from this piece, and I think this right here, what I’m feeling, is how art can inspire. I also want to mention that maybe the 8 bit style of art just connects with me from the point of how it inspires stories and worlds in my mind.

Destination Limbo Signing Off,