Flower Eye Liner

The cool thing about style and makeup in general , well actually anything, but you can really evolve it and take it in any direction you want, there aren’t certain guidelines, just whatever you like and what I like about makeup and style is that at the end of the day what you wear has some sort of effect be it keeping warm with clothing or expression that you can wear, and this floral eye liner just shows that you can take things in a new direction and still make it work and what I mean by that is that it fits in with the face contours well it blends in effortlessly it combines well, and although you can do whatever you want things fit together even things that you may not think so , they just need to be worked and molded , and I think that can be seen in the final quality. I don’t want this blog post to limit any imagination or what can and can’t be done I’m just saying that things are usually worked in and matched in some way. I gotta mention as well I love the colors and the blending of the flowers.

Destination Limbo Floating Off,