Glitter Red Lip Gloss

I’m always caught between lip gloss and matte lipstick. I can’t decide which I like better, and this reminds me of something someone very close to me has said that not everything has to be better than something else, and this brings out a different perspective in my mind because I don’t have to make that choice I can just be at peace with both. But I think I have wired my self so much so that I always have to compare, its something I think makes me better in some ways but also has its disadvantages.

What I love about lip gloss is the sticky look of it but at the same time it doesn’t look sticky because it looks very even and laid out. I guess it looks wet and I just love that look and it almost in cases whatever is underneath in glass, and in this case a brilliant shade of red thats just elegantly dark and rich in color, but when applied to the ligjt csn take on a warm and open vibe, and of course who can forget our favorite glitter which makes it all pop.

Destination Limbo Rebooting,