Modern Classical Dress

I sometimes find that I really over love a 1800’s look. I love the fit of the clothing , I love the shift from tight to drapping, and this “modern” spin on that style I think drastically highlights this shift from tight to drapping. I really wish I knew who made this dress because I would love to see what other works they have. Although this wouldn’t be something I would wear I thoroughly enjoy the thought and inspiration behind it. Its actually a dream of mine to design and make my own clothes. I just have too many projects going on that I don’t want to be stretched even thinner. But I will definitely be incorporating an 1800’s style into my final designs. I don’t think it was a conscious thought at first but every time I design clothes in my mind I can see where the inspiration has come from. More into the dress though, I think I’m an unknowing fan of latex.

Destination Limbo Signing Off,