Natural Landscape on Canvas: Hands

I’m not sure if this is a tattoo or just drawn on, and what makes me have my doubt’s is that I haven’t seen a tattoo like this before, although a biased assumption I have to be honest with that, but I think that because I’m really taken back with how nice the work is and either way I really love it, I love when people find a way to incorporate the canvas into the artwork and enhance it. I really enjoy the stylization of the work, I like how the trees have the spikes only going downwards, I love the spacing of the lines and various objects to one another. I feel like this is one of those pieces where you can take part by part and find new things and new angles in each one. Like on one side you have the scene with the girl and I assume a deer. The other an abandoned fishing boat. At the top right a hand reaching into the stars almost as if it’s giving it that magical feeling stars have. Actually now that I look at this more I think it for sure is a tattoo. Let’s find out… Well I tracked down the artist responsible and they have some fantastic work, you can check them out at but is this a tattoo? I would assume so as they have a tattoo section on their website, I just can’t find this picture there at the moment. Really this artist has some great work so definitely check them out on their website and on social media, all links can be found at

Destination Limbo Signing Out,