Red Floral Nails

Many of us have seen motifs in our life time but where do these motifs come from? And how can they define cultures or beliefs? Well I have found from looking at this nail art that motifs aren’t just aesthetically pleasing but they also carry ideals within them, or they have the capability to do so. I know with many Japanese motifs they carry very Japanese ideals, which are actually human ideals but for the sake of this logic I will continue with this flow, but Japanese culture has a very high regard for nature and how humans are part of it. It also notices the natural beauty of nature, how it is perfect just how it is, straight lines aren’t needed to be perfect, and they capture this especially in rock gardens or charcoal paintings, but also¬† in their motifs. Now I can’t confirm these are Japanese motifs on these nails but it sure made me think of them, and it would be cool if nail art incorporated more cultural motifs.

Destination Limbo Floating Off,