“Drop the Veil” – D.

As with all interpretations everyone sees things differently, below is how I felt when I first looked at this study. 

When first looking at this masterpiece it seems it’s a very focused work but the black around our main figure isn’t just there to single in on the center subject, it is part of a whole picture that coincides with the various meanings found within the study. 

Calling the black portions of the study a background would not be right as the black part is very much the focus of the work in relation to the girl. The black portions are interconnected with the black hair which  pulls her into the darkness, into emptiness, like a web that is slowly engolfing her,  it consumes her becomes part of her thinking, slowly over taking all thoughts.  It starts first as the world around her,  the events that shape this dark cloud,  however it has become her mind and how it perceives the world,  how the world is a black and often cold and empty place.

My eyes now on the girl I notice the colors around the eyes, to me they symbolize bruising, but not physical more of an emotional/mental bruise. Maybe from the tears built up inside, the sorrow that can’t be contained, or the emptiness that is eating away at her. They emphasize the lost look she has, with her dark blood red eyes. Maybe not totally lost but a look of nothingness, with not much left inside and looking into those eyes I can feel my stomach tense.

I find the lips quite interesting, they are moist yet dry. This contrast leads me to belive that it is the kiss of something that was there and now gone. Still wet from the kiss being so recent yet they are beginning to dry as the time is passing. But she doesn’t want the lips to dry she wants to recover what has been lost, and what has been lost doesn’t have to be someone,  it can be symbolic of any kind of loss. 

The overall complexion of the girl is also very interesting, she seems cold, and pale like her life force is slowly being drained, but combined with the look she gives I think she still has hope that she will be ok, she will be restored, she will overcome what has happened or is happening. 

There is a lot to this study and each time I look at it I find more and more, but I will leave it as is for the moment. I honestly think it’s a masterpiece.

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