Come Close and I’ll bite

The world is a canvas everything we see is a canvas and we shouldn’t limit ourselves to traditional ideas of what a canvas is. Although face painting today is rather popular this image still brings up some ideas or thoughts. I don’t like to use the word society because it isn’t focused enough, and what I mean by that will be answered by a question; why does society not allow people to freely express themselves on the day to day? And really who is society what is society, it’s essentially fear. Fear of others, and because many of us rely on others for food and many other things to live it becomes clear why we don’t break out of the invisible rules of society. But does conforming to society mean we also become part of the machine of society. I believe it does, because we really don’t know how many people would accept us or be against us, and that adds to this wall of opposition which really may not exist.

Again bare in mind that when I speak I am generating ideas

Destination Limbo invisible,