Crying Smoke

I think I talk a lot about the blogging process or my brain is telling me I do but for the most part I don’t like like to do research before hand on any of my blog posts I just take what I see and suck it’s soul out, so I really don’t know where this picture is from, or if it’s from a movie.

But when I look at this picture I can feel his pain I can feel that break down, and maybe sometimes we can only see what we have experienced, but I think everyone can see the pain in his eyes, how his face muscles are tightened, his hand that is not moving but feels like it is shaking. It’s like he has just done something bad and has just woken up the next morning reflecting on his actions, or he has just been abused and during the abuse he was just numb and is now flooded with the pain as his mind and body opens up for the first time afterwards. Everything about this picture exaggerates this focus, from the lighting to the smoke, his positioning. I just hope he is ok because even if this is a picture I think you either have to be a really good actor or have faced something in life that you can draw upon for that pose.

Destination Limbo,