Don’t judge by appearances

Quite the intersting drawing, I think a lot can be interpreted out of it actually but from initial thoughts I formed this thought, which is that the demon mask is actually a friendly face but people are so scared of it and think it is evil that they outcast it, but then the snake(usually symbolic of being sneaky and ill intentioned) is able to come in and fill the void created by the demon. This is actually interesting because it touches upon people being judged, like just because someone looks evil they actually may not be, and the innocent looking one may actually be the evil one. It also touches on advanced tactics and strategies people can use to trick others, take advantage of others fears. Some people may link this to certain news channels and outlets that fear monger and then offer a solution that prays off those fears to bring about another agenda. It’s a tactic that has been used multiple times in history some speculated others confirmed.

I belive this is of Japanese origin, to get the true mean or intention that the original artist intended it would be worth studying cultural symbolizim of the Era in which it was created.

Destination Limbo out,