JunoCam Jupiter 

Launched in 2011 and recently entering Jupiter’s orbit in 2016 the space probe juno has taken some fantastic pictures of Jupiter’s south pole. The picture you see is a combination of multiple pictures to capture all of the pole in day light, additionally some of the colors have been enhanced. Could you imagine traveling 5 years to get somewhere? It will be an interesting day when humans are living on another planet(and at the moment jupiter most definitely look like a good candidate) extreme storms as seen in the picture, extreme temperatures both extremely hot and extremely cold, pressures so intense the human body would be ripped into the atoms we are made of. The universe is a fantastic place I’m glad I live in a time where we can understand some of it and see some of it up close. I would like to contribute to the exploration of space and one day I will. I just want to make sure we treat it better than we are with earth. Amazing to think in the future humans maybe on multiple planets trading and exploring, new forms of life we might encounter. We need to come in peace. 

Destination Limbo learning,