Net Artist:

This is quite the interesting find. It really has a 90’s, sky net, historical internet feeling. And I’m not approaching this from the point of understanding I am approaching this from a more aesthetic view point. So what am I talking about? In breif let me provide the definition of “Net Art”

Net Art:

“Net art is a form of digital artwork distributed via the Internet. This form of art has circumvented the traditional dominance of the gallery and museum system, delivering aesthetic experiences via the Internet. In many cases, the viewer is drawn into some kind of interaction with the work of art. Artists working in this manner are sometimes referred to as net artists.”

What I really enjoy about net art is that it brings the experience of a gallery right to your browser. I have not had many opportunities to go to galleries but honestly the experience I have had in the one I have gone to was really amazing, the works of art are the center focus, they are not seen differently, but they are appreciated. And I feel that the experience net art is giving really does stay as equals to galleries.

Net art also turns what we use everyday into a medium, and it talks to us in such a contemporary way, that I think we can really connect to it if we apply it in the right way. I personally have been inspired by net art, I think it has opened my mind to a new art style that connects with us in the modern age. That being said, I know I mentioned I get 90’s vibes from net art I have seen, but I think thats not because the art form is in the past, but because the 90’s had raw internet websites, with basic code, and I think some of the net art strips the internet down to the raw and exposes us really to the future because we are just at the beginning of everything becoming interconnected.

I love it is an experience, and something I think everyone has to see even if not everyone will appreciate it.

Destination Limbo disconnected,