Purple Blue Girl 

I can’t verify to my satisfaction the original artist behind this work, but really it doesn’t change what I see and feel. It’s interesting, recently I heard a quote I believe by Kanye west but I’m unsure so don’t take this as a source for anything however the quote goes something like a fact is what you feel. And that was a very interesting thought. It doesn’t matter what actually is real just what people think is real. I think this was an interview really because I think the follow up supporting argument was that a few hundred years ago it was a “fact” that the earth was flat. It really is perception is fact to one’s self or fact is relative. But this changes the meaning of a fact, a fact has no perception however because we are human everything is biased by us being human only when we transcend being human can we be impartial. Really makes you think how emotions developed through evolution. Which brings up an intersting but controversial topic and that is weather(this maybe spelt incorrectly)  or not human evolution still occurs because today through modern medicine we are able to survive many things we normally would not. I most certainly would have died. So perhaps physically we may not be evolving as dramatically, but mentally we maybe but an artificial evolution because we can now store generations of knowledge and learning on databases.

I do not know how I got to this point or how this relates to this art work but the ideas have steamed from it, maybe the artwork and colors evoke a mystery, a search.

Destination Limbo done,