Sony PS-F5

The year 1983, Sony releases the PS-F5 a portable turntable that can be played vertically or horizontally. Although an apparent marvel in engineering which is equally as interesting as the design, it’s the design that really draws me to blog about it. I love the clean and sleek look of it but it also has an industrial look to it. What I mean by that is that it draws you in, it’s a device that wants to be used, is meant to be used but is also simply elegant. To me,  at this moment, the PS-F5  seems to be the pinnacle of usable design. Visually it stands on its own, it does not need a complimentary piece to make it look visually aesthetic, but it isn’t visually loud in that it can blend in with its surrounding and add to a visual symphony of art.

Destination Limbo off,