Sophisticated Eye Liner 

I was going to title this blog something along the lines of simple yet sophisticated but I don’t want to call things simple anymore just because it looks simple. Simple to me at the current time means something without thought, done meaninglessly. Done just to be done. I do not know the original purpose behind this design but to me there is more to this, I feel like this eye liner/shadow says something about the person who is wearing it and it may change based upon who it is. If I were to wear it at the present time then I would want it to convey my current point in time on my journey, which would be trying to find the minimal ways of understanding, breaking things down, and analyzing each part by part. Sometimes each part can be clever but as a part of such a larger thing it gets lost. Currently in the year 2017 we have transportation devices called cars, and each one has bolts that hold things together. Although basic bolts took a very long time in human history (relative to the current date) to be invented they are rather clever.

Thoughts on the makeup, I would like to see an eye open and close with this design.

And to play devils advocate it might just look good and that is the only reason. But sometimes reason and meaning can be given to things that were not created with one. 

Destination Limbo Frozen,