What the artist sees 

I admire this work in a lot of ways, I would like to analyze the work from not a conceptual point of view but actually focus on the work, however I do not know the artist, and I will leave that for another time.

What I would like to discuss is perspective, how does an artist knows when a work is complete, how does an artist see the world, and are they just recording what they see or changing the visual of the artwork for other reasons. Does an artist see the world in such a way that their works are actually translations of their interpretations.

In this work the shading is very intense to one side and not a standard color, does it symbolize something the artist sees in the figure, is the figure someone they know very personally, does this change what is highlighted. The hair covers the eyes, eyes are a window to the soul, as one popular saying goes. Is there a reason, what is the reason for this. 

An artwork can trigger many thoughts, and today with how many things we see I think sometimes we don’t stop to reflect on works. There is so much more to things than what is just visually appealing, that maybe a way to attract someone, but it is no way to retain someone.

Are translations ever complete 

Destination Limbo disappeared,