All Lace, More too it 

We often see, we, me, I, all the same depending on how you or rather I see the world, lace used in dresses or for decorations in the house, like a table cover, or I have seen it being used as a cover for a TV, which gives me an idea for lace phone cases, or phone luxury phone cases, not just gold or diamond covered. To me something being expensive in USD doesn’t mean it is luxurious or high class, rather I take things as they are. It may exist but I have yet to see truly fashionable phone cases, well that maybe an incorrect statement, rather I have not seen a phone case that has blown my mind in terms or artistic quality. Today technology is part of us and very soon we will become technology.

This lace suit,  I would call it, is rather interesting because as I mentioned it often isn’t used like this, I think lace can work very well in an overall minimal design, but it works as an under layer that is only revealed at certain angles. I think it would actually work very well for a design I have been building in my mind for months.

Destination Limbo should sketch,