Would it be the same without the brand 

I observed someone the other day and my own shoes and they both have distinctive brand logos on them and that made me think, is the logo part of the design or would the design be better without the logo or some modification of the logo to better shape the aesthetic. Are brands and logos so popular now that they have become the aesthetic, even if these brands die out will someone in the future, let’s say after an apocalypse, find the logos and think they are so aestheticlly pleasing that they are revived. I say apocalypse for two reasons, first assuming the person or thing that finds the logo won’t have any prior knowledge of them and essentially trademarks won’t be a thing.

Anyways I don’t think I can unbias myself from the branding because it is so strong and ingrained that I can’t objectively look at the design. In this case would the Nike symbol be better switched out with a white rectangle, or a shape that is flowing more so than the original symbol.

Destination Limbo mind altered,