Are Meme’s an unappreciated art

If any blog post would give me ridicule it would be this one, but it’s a question I have been thinking about for a while. I don’t dont want to debate what art is or isn’t but essentially I would like to ask the question if Meme’s will one day be in a museum, will they be coveted and held in high regard and as equal to works by van gogh or Picasso. I think they have the potential to be, however the culture surrounding Memes may not let that happen, from the lack of collectability, to the counter culture messages can it be admired in the traditional sense. This is an interesting question. Is “admired in the traditional sense” just people who think they know about art judging things, and if that’s the case does it need to even be admired like that. It is already being admired in the present. Meme life

Destination Limbo out,