Fashion is Timeless 

This is pretty ridiculous and I actually disagree with myself in some ways here but for sake of entertaining the idea like I always do I will say that lady gaga is not a pop star she is a true artist. This actually goes into the debate about what pop music is, and a bunch of other issues. But in my opinion pop music is any kind of music that is charting and has lyrics that doesn’t have meaning to it also including music that has meaning and was only written to be popular. I am entirely disagreeing with my points here or in some ways am.

I disagree with the point made above because it is a true skill and artistry to make music and write music that a broad range of individuals can relate to and connect to. What is the point of releasing music if no one can connect to it in some way? Unless that is the point. Everything is relative. However I think there is a distinction between skill and vision. However how the distinction is made is up to each listener. 

I think what I am trying to wrap my mind around/say is that lady gaga has done things for a reason she doesn’t seem to do things because she thinks people will like her or because management has told her. Essentially she is “real”  and this image made me think about that because her outfit and fashion here doesn’t seem dated at all, it isn’t tacky, it is really timeless and I think one can tell true artistry by the experience of the art, the experience will be ever lasting if it is true.

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Destination Limbo out,