Paul Delvaux 

When I first saw Paul Delvaux’s work what struck me was that it seemed futuristic, and not in the sense he was ahead of his time, which is in some ways a statement I don’t think is valid for anyone, but in the sense that it’s an evolution of ideas. And maybe it’s the ideas I am having currently and I therefore see it in the work, and that is a combination of simplicity ingrained with details.

I think it also shows a future where individuals are comfortable with being human, there is such a taboo against the human body, if it wasn’t written into text then it would be classified as a severe self hatred. The human body in terms of art, and design, especially the female body is  in many ways perfection. I think design elements can be taken in terms of mathematical ratios that can then be applied to any design. It’s quite interesting to think that each hand has 5 fingers on average, and 2 hands on average. That’s an odd number to an even number ratio. Can design then be forced down these ratios. This is just one simple one that can be made.

His other works are very nice as well and worth admiring. 

Destination Limbo off,