"Inside Out Or Outside In":

I often get headaches and severe ringing in my ears, I can’t tell if it is from outside events or my mind amplifies thoughts. If I was in silence would I still be the same? This work is really unsure, it captures a feeling and maybe I can understand it one day. Destination Limbo,


Shopping has always made me anxious, I always feel an enormous pressure of people looking at me, judging me, and the dreadful interaction with the cashier. It is not the cashiers fault, I always make sure to be friendly to them, but I get this anxiety where I can’t even see them, I just don’t even want to make eye contact because I’m unsure how much is natural and how much is un-natural. Added to this is the fear of my card being declined and not being able to buy food. It’s rather foolish of me but I wish not to check my bank account balance because I don’t want to know how low I am, I try buying the bare minimum and so far it has mostly worked for me but while buying food the other day I got a text from my bank saying I was low on funds, and it wasn’t enough to buy the food I had in my basket. If it wasn’t for that text I would have been declined. I have been having this fear for a while now, and I know it will happen to me unless I find a way to earn more. It maybe foolish but I refuse to put ads on this site because I believe it ruins the experience of the virtual gallery, I don’t think it would be enough anyways. Others may have this fear as well and I hope somehow my art can help you and let you know you are not alone. If I ever earn a decent amount of money I will feed as many people as I can. Destination Limbo,

"The Choice is Black and White":

Enough is enough, we have had too many mass shootings to not do anything. I felt for so long that I don’t have a voice, that we can’t make a difference, but if we raise up, if voice our opinions then we can institute change. Government isn’t meant to be something that is disconnected from people and currently it is, but we can change that. Majority of Americans agree on many common sense changes that we can make to our laws that would prevent mass shootings, and shootings that take place everyday in our cities. We need to reach out to our representatives and let them know what we think. This is a black and white issue, pick a side and don’t try to sugar coat what will happen if you choose to keep going down the path we are on. Don’t turn a blind eye to what is happening. With this artwork I really wanted to depict the choices we have at hand. On the right we have the child, light and pure, but surrounded in darkness by the dangers of the current world we surround them with. On the left the gun that has killed so many innocent people, it itself is dark from all it has caused, but it is surrounded in light protected and safe. The choice is clear and you can only be on one side not both. Destination Limbo,

"“AI Wiki":

I believe it is a real possibility that technology will replace humans as the main form of “life” on earth. There is no reason why when AI is created that survival of the fittest will not take place. AI may very well be able to defeat humans as a species. Many scenarios may play out. Humans currently still have not found a way to get along and stop killing each other in the absurd concept of war. People that don’t know each other, people that really have nothing against each other on an individual level are killing each other. Additionally we are slowly destroying the environment that we need in order to survive, and action needs to be taken before it is too late. This all being said, us coexisting with AI isn’t bad at all, we just need to come together and solve the current issues we have or else it will be very difficult for humans in the future. The artwork itself is from the perspective of a far in the future AI individual that is searching for information on a species that once inhabited earth called a “Human”. I imagine this almost as a young AI that is curious about the history of earth and then stumbles across humans. AI may have formed a new langue a collection of humanities works. Depicted to represent human’s is a programmer from the 70’s. I believe this individual represents business, creator of AI, corporate life, capitalism, and many other things that have become parts of AI’s history. Destination Limbo,

"Get Out":

I don’t know if everyone has an inner voice that tears them down, makes them over think situations that are “normal”, that drive you crazy by just making you feel like you have done the wrong thing over and over even if what you have done isn’t wrong and you should know it but then this voice eats are you mind. This voice that is always in your mind echoing on the walls of your mind. This Image captures this , and the rigid self that is paralyzed by it. Please feel free to see this art, and interpret it as you wish. Destination Limbo,

"Bold Statement":

Sometimes a statement needs to be made but there isn’t a clear way to state it, but that doesn’t take away from how important that message is. Sometimes the innocent and victims don’t have the power or means to speak up but that doesn’t change the fact there is a bold message to be shared, and when creating this piece this is what I envisioned for my inner self. Please feel free to see this art, and interpret it as you wish. Destination Limbo,

"Headaches – Ever Expanding" Collection:

I often times get what I would class as bad headaches, meaning I can not work or focus because I see blurs and a constant pressure on my head. I find these are caused by stress, and most often originate from me having to be in social situations and interactions. Although I am not sure of the actual medical root cause they still affect me. Currently writing this I have one of those headaches and see blurred lights when I close my eyes and these blurred lights follow me after I open my eyes. As long as I have these kinds of headaches this will be an on going collection as I try to recreate what I see and feel, but don’t let this shape your feelings or interpretations of the works as that is up to the viewer as this is art and can be freely interpreted. Destination Limbo,

"Varying Degrees of Feelingless Emotions" Collection:

Throughout the years I have done several abstract works and I still do make them. At a time I did not understand why I made abstract art and failing to find the purpose I stopped making art. I have now come to realize the purpose for myself is my connection to just transferring myself directly into my works without any pre thought or idea. I just take whats inside and put it on a canvas. Each of these works is given a title far from the time from when it was created. It is to a degree uncertain to me what exactly may have been inside me when I created these works, but I think looking at the works captures and freezes in time what I had inside but how that is interpreted is up to the viewer as this is art and can be freely interpreted. Destination Limbo,

"Make Music Not War" Collection:

Today we instantly see the atrocities happening around the world and in its full awful state rather than hearing about it weeks or months later. One may have thought that if the world could just see the horrible things that are happening people would speak out more and end the senseless violence we see, however it sadly seems that it maybe having the opposite effect. Seeing daily violence and hearing the stories of suffering have just made people numb to the madness. But is it because we don’t have a heart or don’t think anything can be done? I would like to believe we do have a heart and we can do something. You may now ask what can be done? there are many ways we can do something both as individuals and together, however in brief I would like to focus on spreading the message of peace. This perhaps may seem ineffective but if you think about it how many conversations have you heard where people say “let’s just bomb them” or something similar. What if we had spoken up and asked what about the innocent lives those bombs would kill? What if we spoke of peace rather than violence? It is somehow ok in our world to just talk about hurting people and get away with it. If every time someone spoke of violence and they were met with peace then maybe just maybe they might change their mind and think yes peace is possible. It is humans that conduct war and it is only humans that can stop it. We have to counter messages of violence with messages of peace, and to promote peace is not being weak it is being wise. While thinking of this message of peace I had come to the thought of what if the world just made music instead of war and what would have history looked like if that were the case. I then started the art collection “Make Music not War”. This first collection features various solders from WWI to WWII. Although some may somehow find this artwork as offensive I believe that the message of peace and how the world could look like if we lived in peace can never be overshadowed by whether or not an artwork is provocative or not. But going back to this idea of what if we made music not war is in essence what the world could have looked like if we choose peace, and through the faces of the solders the gloom of war can be contrasted with the beauty and peacefulness of music. That contrast stands for the what if. What if they didn’t have to see the ugliness of war? What if there was peace? What if instead of putting so much money and effort into killing each other we invested in art, music, science, and helping others in need? Would we have people dying of starvation today if we helped build farms instead of tanks? Would we have homeless if we built homes instead of bunkers? these are all legitimate questions to ask. We should never hold back the message of peace as it is one that can help so many of us in this day and age of tremendous atrocities. So go out there make art, make music do what you love and spread the message of peace. Remember in the end Art is meant for interpretation and freedom of the mind and soul. Please feel free to see this art, and interpret it as you wish. Destination Limbo,

"My Paper World" Mask:

"My Paper World" is an album that focuses upon a main character who lives in a world made of paper. Paper can be torn,burned, ripped, soaked in water and all sorts of things that make being paper fragile. The main character details their experiences in this world from from sadness to love, and everything in between. When thinking about how to represent the main character of “My Paper World” I didn’t want to have a depiction that was very clear and well defined. I wanted an image of roughness yet clarity, and this plays into a theme found in the album of searching for something that is missing while trying to heal old wounds, but at the same time gaining new ones. What came to mind was old 90’s video game graphics with polygon faces, their Polygon designs were in touch with the general vibe I wanted for the main character. With inspiration and idea in hand, the base of the main character of “My Paper World” was designed and created. After the base of the character had been chosen colors and shades that invoked the character were brought in. The black eye liner represents the soul inside that has seen many things they had wish they never had seen, the red lipstick represents the search for the cure to all the wounds they have, the taste of which is perhaps love, and lastly the shading on the paper body represents the toll everything has taken, as everyone else in the world has straight white color. All in all the mask visually represents the face of the main character of “My Paper World” but in the end Art is meant for interpretation and freedom of the mind and soul. Please feel free to see this art, and interpret it as you wish. Destination Limbo,

"Fragments That Make Me…Me":

Fragments That Make Me…Me is a painting I completed at the end of 2015 to early 2016. I painted using acrylics paints on canvas. Colors used were the primary colors along with black and white. Each brush stroke is a different custom mixed color, with each color only being used throughout the painting a very few amount of times. I prefer to leave art up to interpretation however this particular painting focuses on a character that feels like they are broken into many pieces and the clear cut lines represent that they understand where the breaking happened and what caused it. Also the gray lines(slightly red due to the picture) show the light and hope coming through the breaking points, but nothing has begun to grow there yet. Surrounding the character is the entire world, with color and action, but he(just using he to refer to the character doesn’t mean identification of gender) is being left out of everything and feels very lost in the world and alone. As well as being surround by all this color and it constantly moving he feels even more so different and not belonging. Art is meant for interpretation and freedom of the mind and soul. Please feel free to see this art, and interpret it as you wish. Destination Limbo,

"Freak Among the Monsters":

Freak Among the Monsters is a painting I completed in 2015. I painted using acrylic paints on canvas. Colors used were black, red, blue, and green. I prefer to leave art up to interpretation however this particular painting focuses on an individual surrounded by the evils of their world, the black symbolizing the world they live in. The red and blues representing all the scars and blows they have taken with their time spent in the world. The green face is the face of the Freak. They are a freak because they are different from everyone else in the world that are mostly evil. Although a freak they are not a monster and have a kind heart,therefore they are a freak among monsters. The eyes curve up and the lips down leaving a sad face and the opposites represent the ups and downs of the life they have lived. Art is meant for interpretation and freedom of the mind and soul. Please feel free to see this art, and interpret it as you wish. Destination Limbo,