The Human Spirit Lives On

The idea of spirits I have always doubted but perhaps I was looking at it in the wrong way.

Once someone has passed on we carry their spirit inside of us. We carry on their memories. Sharing stories, keeping their memories alive with a human touch, is what spirits are made of.

As we slowly forget we are haunted by not being able to feel close or be with them, and slowly their spirit loses power as the memories fade.

Sometimes you never know someone but you hear their story and you have a connection with them, at the most basic level a human connection. Although I do belive some people think they are above others and can’t relate, this maybe so but one can always understand.

The story of Setsuko Otsuki is quite tragic, I do not wish to comment on the events surrounding her death but one can find more by watching this: The United Red Army: A Troubled Legacy

I find it intersting that the artist had captured her nude, this is our rawest form. Fragile yet so strong and over coming.

A part of her is in all of us now, her spirit lives on for another generation.

Limbo on the verge of crying,